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Street Fighter II: V: 1x1

The Beginning of a Journey

Ryu receives an unexpected letter from his best friend Ken Masters. The letter tells him to come to America for a visit. The two of them have not seen each other in years, and so this is the reason Ken sends the letter. Ryu, after thinking about it, decides to go to America at Ken’s request. When he arrives at the San Francisco airport, he finds Ken. The two of them then drive home to Ken’s place, relax a bit, then go out for the night on Ken’s motorcycle. They go into the pub called Mt. Fuji, where they beat up some military thugs who tried to fight them after Ken wooed one of their dates. Afterward, the leader of the military thugs, Guile, enters the bar and sees what Ryu and Ken have done to his men.

Street Fighter II: V: 1×1
Apr. 10, 1995

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