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Street Fighter II: V: 1x10

Dark Omen

Ryu and Ken travel to the Ashura’s secret hideout building, where they manage to defeat Donu and the other Ashura members in the building to get revenge for what happened to Ryu. They bring them into custody, then after getting out of the building, they are fired at by a sniper in a building a few stories above. Ryu and Ken manage to escape the sniper relatively unharmed (the only thing that was harmed was Ryu’s shoulder, and only slightly). They get atop the vehicle of the guy that shot at them, unknown to the sniper. They arrive at another secret hideout of the Ashura, where one of their main headquarters appears to be. There, they are severely beaten by an evil man named Zochi. Zochi carries a chainsaw on his left hand, although it is never explained how he lost his left hand. Zochi, after realizing torture will not make Ryu and Ken tell him who they are “supposedly” working for (in truth, they are working for no one, but Zochi doesn’t believe them), he puts Ryu in a chair, where he is tied up. Ryu attempts to wiggle himself out, but Zochi plans to cut Ryu’s left arm off with his chainsaw to add to his “collection” of other left arms. Just as Zochi is about to do so, the alarm sounds as Dorai and the rest of the police who are with him enter the secret hideout, thanks to the tracker Dorai planted on Soong.

Distracted by this, Ryu and Ken defeat Zochi and the other Ashura members in the room, much to the surprise of Dorai and the rest of the police with him when they enter the room. Sagat, at the end of the episode, is freed from prison in light of new evidence proving his innocence. Sagat asks Ryu to show him the scroll he got from master Yo. He then tells Ryu if he wishes to learn about Hadou, he should travel to India, where a monk named Dhalsim lives.

Street Fighter II: V: 1×10
Jun. 26, 1995

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