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Street Fighter II: V: 1x12

The Deadly Phantom Faceoff

Ryu and Ken enter the Cave of Ancients to get the treasure out of there. The reason for this is because an evil man and his crew want the treasure for their own gain. Two of his men have already died, and he only has one remaining aside from himself. He threatens to kill the villagers of India if Ryu and Ken don’t get the treasure out of the cave for him. Ryu and Ken enter the cave to get the treasure. Inside, they face each other in combat, although they do not know that the “monster” in the cave is merely a reflection of their innermost being. Ryu and Ken, after suffering serious injuries from the fight, realize that they are fighting each other, and then the monster disappears after that realization. Ryu and Ken emerge from the cave and give the treasure to the man who wants it. He then tries to kill them for outliving their “usefulness”, although Dhalsim paralyzes him. Dhalsim then heals Ryu and Ken’s injuries, and then the episode ends just as Dhalsim is about to teach Ryu and Ken the ways of Hadou.

Street Fighter II: V: 1×12
Jul. 10, 1995

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