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Street Fighter II: V: 1x13

The Legend of Hadou Ken

Dhalsim teaches Ryu how to use Hadou. Ryu learns how to do the Hadouken technique, but he cannot control it, and thus it could kill anyone without warning and Ryu couldn’t stop it. Ryu goes to the Cave of Ancients to perfect his use of the Hadouken, since it’s too risky otherwise. In the cave, he fights an imaginary Guile, and then after that, he fires the Hadouken at an imaginary Dhalsim, since imagining opponents helps him focus on where to shoot the Hadouken. After the Hadouken is fired, Ryu and Ken leave India to go to Spain, since Dorai was sent to Barcelona to receive an award for shutting down the Ashura crime syndicate. Chun Li sends the letter for Ryu and Ken to come, and thus they do, as the episode ends.

Street Fighter II: V: 1×13
Jul. 17, 1995

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