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Street Fighter II: V: 1x21

Compulsion Towards Vengeance

Ryu has the cyberchip planted on his forehead by Bison. Zoltar created the chip to create Shadowlaw warriors for Bison. These cyberchips control the subject’s higher brain functions, and thus as long as the cyberchip is on their forehead, Bison can control the subject as he pleases, as Zoltar demonstrates by getting a test subject to bang his head against the wall and kill himself. With Ryu under Bison’s control, and Ken unconscious and chained in a bed, Guile and Nash will have to hurry in order to rescue Ken from Bison. Meanwhile, Fei Long learns of Dorai’s supposed death, and rushes to the hospital to see him (he was in Barcelona because he was to film a movie there). There, Interpol Chief Barrac explains the situation to Fei Long, and Fei Long wishes to help Barrac protect Dorai from future assassination attempts, since he is still alive.

Street Fighter II: V: 1×21
Sep. 11, 1995

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